About Taranis Lives


Taranis Lives was founded by two friends with a burning desire to promote Celtic culture.

Through our study of historical sources, archaeology, and our own esoteric interpretations, we aim to rekindle the fire of pride in our people. With a focus on Britain and Ireland, but not limited to, expect daily posts on our socials, in-depth articles on our website, investigating various themes, from profiles of the gods to Iron Age war tactics, and podcasts on our YouTube channel, covering the history of our isles, from the very first footsteps taken on these shores.

We don’t feel restricted by location or culture and plan to discuss topics such as the Stone Age, Rome’s expansion into Northern Europe, the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain, and subsequent Viking invasions. We chose Taranis as our namesake because his archetype is perennial, equivalent to the Norse god, Thor, the Slavic god, Perun, and the Roman god, Jupiter. His battle against nature symbolizes the resurgence of Celtic culture, in an age where tradition has been discarded. As a Gaulish god, he is neutral and represents the syncretism of our cultures.

Running parallel with the cultural aspect will be our clothing brand. Inspired by our research into the history of the Celtic people, we’ll be working with some well known, and lesser-known artists, to create unique and sustainable clothing. Apart from being canvases for works of art, our clothing will be organic, and eco-friendly, the designs being screen printed with water-based inks in Yorkshire, England. Eventually, we’ll branch out to handcrafted items, such as combs and tools, and jewellery too.

By way of our teachings, and promotion of Celtic culture and lore, we aim to preserve our customs and pass the torch onto the next generation, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey.